X-Force #4 (1991)

X-Force #4 (November, 1991)
"Sabotage: Part 2"
Plot/Art - Rob Liefeld
Balloon Stuffer - Fabian Nicieza
Letters - Rosen & Eliopoulos
Colors - Brian Murray
Edits - Bob Harras
Chief - Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.00

We open with a warning that this story started in Spider-Man #16... and tells us to "pick it up as we go along".  Well, we're about to find out that's far easier said than done.  The first half-dozen pages of this thing are more fighting between Juggernaut and X-Force (with Spider-Man).  Domino has also somehow joined the fight.  There's some... real cringeworthy dialog here, including Juggernaut asking if X-Force is "nuts" for Warpath attempting to "fastball special" Shatterstar into the big dummy... to which, Shatterstar replies with "yes".  So, X-Force is nuts.  Juggs also calls Shatterstar a "little prancin' SOB", so there's that too.

After Shatterstar's onslaught... which sort of plays like this is the first time they'd clashed during this battle... we can see that Juggernaut is bleeding from both eyes (he wasn't a second ago!).  So... did the eye-trauma thing happen in Spidey #16... or, is this like "another view" of the same scene?  Who knows...  We also don't have any indication that one of the Trade Towers was knocked down... ya know, the entire friggin' cliffhanger from the Todd issue.

We hop inside the non-toppled tower, to find Cable still hunting down Black Tom.  He tells Tom that... he's a dead man.  Like, he's got two choices... surrender and die, or fight... and die.

Tom chooses "fight"... and so, they do.  Cable manages to knock Tom into an elevator shaft, where he's ironically hanging onto a "cable" for dear life.  Wonk wonkkkkk.  Cable (capital C) decides it's time to "Shoot fish in a barrel" and blasts his Mark-69 Liefeldian Bumble-Bomber right into Tom's defenseless face!

Tom plummets down the shaft... where he's eventually caught by... Deadpool!  Hey, this issue is suddenly worth a few bucks!  He tells Tom that Mr. Tolliver needs him... and they blink out.

Outside... jeez... the Juggernaut fight continues.  Also, we get a scene featuring ol' Front-Butt Gee Dub Bridge himself.  He suggests that now might be the best time to bring Cable down.  Talk about a one-track mind!

Back to the skirmish.  Siryn flies up to Juggernaut and... well, swipes his helmet!  That shouldn't be able to happen, right?  Well, Shatterstar informs him (and us) that his swords were forged in a "Dimension of Magic and Science"... and, I guess when he impaled Juggernaut's eyeballs on them, they also somehow sheared off the supports for the helmet?  In response, Juggernaut informs Shatterstar that his mother's a pansy... or something.  Da hell?

Finally, Cable shows up outside... and confronts Juggernaut.  Before the final-battle can commence, however, Deadpool... uh, comes up from under the ground, and grabs Juggernaut by the ankle?  The hell am I looking at here?  I guess Mr. Tolliver needs Marko too... because they vanish into thin air.

Front Butt Gee Dub arrives to arrest Cable, who... as always... pulls the ol' "Bodyslide by whatever" gimmick and zips the team away.  That's that!




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