Spider-Man #16 (1991)

Spider-Man #16 (November, 1991)
"Sabotage, Part One"
By Todd McFarlane
Special Assist - Rob Liefeld
Colors - Greg Wright
Letters - Chris Eliopoulos
Edits - Danny Fingeroth
Chief - Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.75

We open with Spider-Man swooping in, while avoiding some flung debris... the Juggernaut is loaded for bear against Warpath... and the streets of New York have been torn up but good.  We've got quite a few Todd-isms in this opening splash, a street-sign reads "Cyan" and the name "Wanda" is scrawled on some rubble... I think we're a Felix the Cat away from the "Todd-fecta".  Hmm, maybe the indicia box is covering the Felix?  Anyhoo, Spidey decides to forgo the fight for now, and instead head up to the top of the exploded World Trade Center.  Feral and Shatterstar rush out of the building to give James some much-needed back up.

Before the fight can commence, Cannonball barrels into the scene and plows directly into Juggernaut's chest!  Unfortunately for him, however... he just bounces off, ricocheting right into the swingin' Spidey.

Back inside the Towers, Cable (in his still-horrid armor), Domino, and Siryn are chatting up Sunspot and friggin' Gideon.  Black Tom's gone missing, but Cable assures everyone that he'll track him down.

Back on the street... the fight continues.  Spidey sets Sam down, and decides it's probably high-time he make his presence known.  After all, Juggernaut's basically just toying with these "kids" at this point.  Juggs asks "how many heroes are in this town?", which... I mean, dude... like all of them live there, which makes it even stranger that only Spider-Man shows up when the World Trade Center explodes.

Inside, Gideon and Cable get pretty catty toward one another... a really lame and forced argument commences over the course of a few pages.  Cable basically "sons" Gideon, before going about his business.

Outside, Spidey shoots some webbing into Juggernaut's eyes.  Ah, the classics!  While Jugg's is "blinded", Spider-Man squats behind the baddies' knees, while Warpath gives him the ol' shove.  More classic stuff here... well, classic for bullies anyway!

It doesn't take long for Juggernaut to recover... and, just then the X-Force aircraft flies overhead.  The hatch swings open, revealing Boom Boom.

We swap scenes back inside where we get a sideways two-page spread of Cable... and his armor... in all its glory.  This might be the ugliest page Todd McFarlane has ever drawn.  Worth noting that the tip of Cable's pistol here looks... uh, suspect.

Next up, we return outside for... probably the most infamous scene from this issue... and, in fact, reportedly the reason Todd McFarlane quit the book!  Here's a bit from Todd's Facebook Page:

Ya see, Todd was asked to rework his original concept for this next page.  In it, Shatterstar and Juggernaut face off... with pretty gruesome results.  Here's the original (also from Todd's Facebook):

Shatterstar runs his blade right through Juggernaut's eye!  Pretty extreme, innit?  To be honest, the scene we get instead... isn't really "tame" in comparison, it's just a little less explicit.  Still pretty crazy how this page... from a weird sideways crossover issue, was the proverbial "straw" that broke the camel's back for Todd.

Juggernaut, though pained, shrugs off the attack... considering the ol' Cytorrak Gem has healing properties, it's not hard to see why.  He lunges at Spider-Man...

... driving him into, and toppling, a nearby building... perhaps one of the Twin Towers?  It's never going to be clear what building went down, ya see... the second part of this crossover (in X-Force #4) has... zero backgrounds drawn in!  That's right... zero!

We wrap up with a farewell to Todd...

... and, in lieu of a letters page, Todd's farewell address and "thank yous".  Remember, he's not leaving this book (and this company) out of anger... it's just that he's a father now, and wants to have more family time.

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