Excalibur #44 (1991)

Excalibur #44 (Late November, 1991)
"Witless for the Prosecution"
Writer/Pencils - Alan Davis
Inks - Mark Farmer
Letters - Michael Heisler
Colors - Glynis Oliver
Edits - Terry Kavanagh
Chief - Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.75

We open up in Otherworld, which is where Captain Britain was whisked off to at the end of the previous issue.  He's here to be put on trial for his many... many infractions, not the least of which was his recent unprovoked attack on his teammate, Nightcrawler.  The entire joint is crammed full of Captain Britains of the Multiverse... and they're here to decide Brian's fate.  He is being represented by Captain U.K. of Earth-839... and we learn here that if Brian is found guilty... she will share in his punishment, by virtue of defending him.  The other Caps are almost giddy at the prospect of declaring our Brian Braddock guilty.

Back on our Earth... er, well Earth-616, Phoenix has caught up with Meggan, and they are sharing a moment.  Meg is dealing with some of the (literally) fuzzy memories of her youth.  She's searching for her parents, and doesn't know where to start looking.  Rachel attempts to perform a psychic probe, in hopes that she might be of some assistance.

What she learns, however, is that Meggan's memories are not so unlike her own, at least in their fragmentation.  While Rachel has plenty of excuse to have a jumbled mind, what with the time-travel and hound-stuff... Meggan's weird brain clutter strikes her as rather odd.  She suggests they look deeper into it sometime later.

Rachel mentions that during the Psi-Link, she found a memory of some old friends... which triggers Meggan to remember the Scott family in London!  She immediately flies in that direction, Rachel follows right behind.

We shift scenes to Alistaire Stuart of the W.H.O. (that's the Weird Happenings Organization, dontchaknow) arriving at the new-look Excalibur Lighthouse.  He laughs at the fact that it now looks sorta like a mushroom.  Well, there are a few things it "sorta looks like", but this is a family-friendly site.

He enters, and immediately finds himself in the midst of a TechNet battle royale!  He tumbles into the zero-grav elevator chute, and before he knows it, he's at the top of the world chatting up Kitty and Kurt!  He tells the Exies that he's there to see if Rachel wanted to check out some sort of dig in Ireland.  Kitty informs him that Rachel's out, but she'd love to go in her stead.  Al seems kind of uncomfortable with this... which, considering Kitty's probably all of 16 years old here, I don't much blame him.

When he inquires about the TechNetters, Nightcrawler fills him in on their hanging around while they repair the lighthouse.  When Al asks why they're fighting, Kurt shrugs it off and says it's their lunch break.  This book is so much more fun than I remember it being!  Anyhoo, Kitty returns after packing for the trip, and yanks Alistaire through the wall of the lighthouse on their way toward Ireland.

We hop over to E'erath, which we find out is Earth-148, where Kylun and Sa'tneen are still fighting the good fight, rebelling against Necrom... whoever that is.

Back in London, Rachel and Meggan have arrived at the Scotts' house.  Rachel chats up the oldies, while Meggan reconnects with the younger Josie Scott.  After awhile, Josie informs the gals about a psychic named Madam Zelda, who might just be able to give Meggan some insight as to the location of her folks.

At the lighthouse, Commander Thomas arrives along with a clairvoyant named Emelia Witherspoon... who is just dying to give Nightcrawler's fur a rub.  They're here because they need Excalibur's help... which, we'll explore deeper next issue.

Back in London, Meggan, Rachel, and Josie arrive at Madam Zelda's "office".  Only one is allowed to enter, and so Meggan heads up the flight of stairs.  Upon arrival, she gives her hand over to the Fortune Teller... who, kinda freaks out for a moment.

Outside, Rachel and Josie do some late-night window shopping.  Inside the interestingly-named "Arfur's Antiques", Rachel spies a knife being lifted by an invisible person!  She Phoenix's up, and heads inside.

She is then tackled by... Micromax!  He assumes she is the thief, and declares that she is under arrest.

Rachel rightfully protests this... and soon, Max is joined by some nebbish fella in glasses who informs him that, yes... there was an "invisible man" in the shop before Phoenix entered the scene.  Micromax begrudgingly lets Rachel off the hook... while, poor normal Josie isn't quite sure what to make of what she'd just seen.

Meggan returns, and shares her psychic reading.  She tells the gals that, initially Madam Zelda was telling her exactly what she wanted to hear... however, when asked for specifics, the poor ol' fortune teller revealed that her entire act was a sham!

Back in Otherworld, Captain Britain's many... many... many crimes against the Corps are shared via giant vid screens.  It's really very cool, they're calling back to several stories from the volume... and we also get to meet this old hippie Cap... Brother Brit-Man, from Earth-65!

Ultimately, Brian is found... duh, guilty.  His punishment... death.  When... right friggin' now!


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