Alpha Flight #102 (1991)

Alpha Flight #102 (November, 1991)
"El Equipo Primero! Part One"
Writer - Scott Lobdell
Pencils - Tom Morgan
Inks - Chris Ivy
Letters - Janice Chiang
Colors - Bob Sharen
Edits - Bobbie Chase
Chief - Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.50

We open in Tierra del Maiz, where the new Man in charge and the Master of Alchemy Diablo is... well, melting down all of the members of the former ruling regime's military.  This dude doesn't screw around.  Unfortunately, he's having all his fun at once, and so... he will soon grow rather bored.  His "fun" is interrupted by some fella, who is trying to inform him that several world powers have arrived to discuss some trade deal... more on that in a bit.  Oh, also... there are some "intruders" approaching.  Diablo thanks the fella by... flicking an explosive at him.  Like I said, dude doesn't screw around.

Speaking of those "intruders"... well, duh, it's Alpha Flight.  We first catch up with Guardian... and, only four pages in, the art turns to chicken-scratch.  Some of Diablo's men start firing at her, but she is able to evade the shots via bugging out with her electro-magnetic suit.  Upon return, she finds the baddies have been kayoed.  She wonders who might've done it... and quickly dismisses the possibility that was Wolverine... because a) he's with the X-Men (as if that ever stopped him before), and b) the fellas are still alive.

Back at Department H, Puck is being informed that, with Guardian and the Gang "down south", he's now in charge.  His first order of business?  Abdicating his position to Windshear!  Judd ain't an office drone.  He cartwheels on out.

Back in the jungle, we catch up with Northstar who is trying to get himself a drink from a stream... which, is kinda gross in the best of situations.  He's shocked to find that this water has been alchemized into vinegar!  He attributes this change to Diablo... and looks at the poor locals who are suffering under the baddie's thumb.

In taking his eyes of the prize, Northstar finds himself attacked by the Avengers villain, Whirlwind!  In fact, that's the first thing Whirlwind tells our man... that he fought the Avengers!  Northstar scoffs, and mocks the Avengers as having a somewhat padded reputation.  Preach on, brother Jean-Paul!

Elsewhere in the jungle, Madison Jeffries and Diamond Lil are huddled up by their crashed aircraft.  Looks like, after dispatching the rest of the team into their proper positions, they were nailed with some scramblers that sent their ship crashing into the green.  Jeffries, naturally, looks much worse for the wear than the impenetrable Lil... and he tells her to head off and save herself.  She refuses.

Elsewhere still, Sasquatch is getting into his position... and, upon arrival, he Walters-down into his normal human form.  He's set to strategically apply some explosives to Diablo's Comm-Scram Towers.

We rejoin Heather, as she finds herself becoming entangled in some titanium vines!  Looks like our man, Diablo has been alchemizing again!  He greets our gal, and accuses her of "declaring war" on his defenseless little country.  He then, alchemizes those vines again... making them seem with hydrochloric acid!

He is then attacked by... a mysterious stranger!  It's that very same shadowy figure from the cover!

Diablo gets knocked off his game for a moment, allowing Heather to break free of her bindings.  She is happy to see, whoever this is, coming to her aid... even though, she doesn't have the foggiest clue who might be under the mask.  As they become acquainted, however, Diablo nails them with a sort of electric charge, kayoing them both.  He then captures them in a bubble to take them away.  Welp, not the greatest "debut" for our Weapon Omega.

Diablo feat is met with a round of raucous applause.  Jungle-looking curtains swing open, revealing an audience of representatives from various world powers.  They're here for those trade negotiations we mentioned earlier on.  They believe Diablo has Vibranium to trade... he does not.  No matter!

Back with Northstar, he and Whirlwind are "fighting".  In actuality, Jean-Paul is just using Whirlwind to chop down a bunch a trees to unwittingly dam up the stream.

Ya see, in damming up the works, it's (somehow) blocking Diablo's vinegar curse... leaving nothing but fresh water for the locals!  Oh, just as soon as Northstar is "done" with him, Whirlwind knocks himself out on a giant rock.

A local hands Northstar her baby... and he, uh... baptizes it?  Well, that's what it looks like anyway.  He then zips outta there in search of Diablo.

We shift scenes over to the Maximum Security ward of Department H.  Here we see that both Aurora and Headlok are in custody.

Back in the jungle, Langkowski is setting up some explosives... and, upon wiping the dust off of one of the Comm-Towers, learns that it was manufactured by the evil corporation, Roxxon!

He's then nailed in the back with a shield!  He turns around to find himself confronted by... the U.S. Agent.


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