X-News from Wizard #2!

Wizard: The Guide to Comics #2 (October, 1991)
Just the X-Stuff...

If you've listened to the premiere episode of From Claremont to Claremont: An X-Men Podcast... first, thank you... and second, you heard Adam and me spend over an hour talking about all the X-News fit to be print back during cover-month October, 1991.  Below, you can see some of what we were chatting about!


A very interesting interview with Chris Claremont... conducted while he was still part of the X-Men Braintrust, but published after he'd decided to leave!  Click all images to enlarge

Top 10 Hot Books... 7 out of 10 were X-Books!

Top 100 Books of the Month (books released August, 1991):

Toying Around... with the new Toybiz X-Men line:

Finally, an inquiry from... the esteemable Phil McCrack! 

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