X-Force #2 (1991)

X-Force #2 (September, 1991)
"The Blood Hunters"
Plot & Pictures - Rob Liefeld
Script - Fabian Nicieza
Letters - Chris Eliopoulos
Colors - Brad Vancata
Editor - Bob Harras
Chief - Tom DeFalco

Last issue, ol' front-butt, G.W. Bridge suggested that they were going to need to enlist the aid of Weapon X in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s pursuit of Cable.  By the sound of it, you might've thought this meant we were going to be getting a Wolverine guest-spot... but, not so fast kemosabes... that ain't our guy.  Our guy... is Garrison Kane.  We meet him at the Port Menier Shipyards on Anticosti Island in Quebec.  He's there to track down another target... a certain Merc with a Mouth.

Kane gets the jump on Deadpool, and the two tussle over the course of way too many pages.  Wade makes with the snark, while Kane internally monologues Madonna lyrics.  We learn here that these two have some familiarity with one another... because, anytime a mysterious new character arrives on the scene, he's sure to know (and be known by) anybody who's anybody.

After repeatedly punching Deadpool in the jaw, Kane gets kicked into a stack of crates.  Weapon X rebounds by... literally firing his left fist back at the baddie.  When the hand reaches its destination... it wraps itself around Deadpool's throat!

Just then... G.W. Bridge makes an appearance!  While Wade wriggles on the ground, Bridge pitches Kane with the S.H.I.E.L.D. gig.  Garrison thinks on it for a moment... because, naturally he and Cable go way back... but ultimately turns Bridge down.  During this prolonged chat, however, Deadpool manages to get away.

We next shift scenes to the Adirondacks, where Cable has concocted a training exercise for X-Force.  The gimmick for this go-round is: Everyone vs. Feral.  The kids scoff at the one-sidedness of this event... however, Cable instills that they'd really oughta not take this so lightly.  The first Forcers to head into the woods are Sam and James.  Feral gets the jump on Cannonball while he's cannon-balling, and manages to "steer" him right into Warpath's chest.  Whoops... there's two down.

Next up, Feral runs into Boom Boom... who brags a bit about her new wrist-gimmick "launchers" for her time bombs.  Feral slips behind Tabby and points those very same blasters right at Cable!

Then... the ultimate showdown: Domino's boobs vs. Feral's feet!  This results in yet another win for the Cat-Girl...

But then... Shatterstar.  Oh boy, Shatterstar.  This goofball comes in and soliloquizes about how killing is "what he is"... to their credit, they both manage to keep a straight face long enough to face off.

In the distraction, however... Cannonball blasts into the scene, crashing into Feral, and smashing her into a nearby tree!

Feral responds by... eviscerating poor Sam!  Well, that's what supposedly happens here... though the art can't get all that explicit.  Sam looks... well, mildly discomforted?

Cable, realizing this training exercise has gone a bit too far, blasts Feral with one of his crazy guns... just kayoing her.

We shift scenes over to the World Trade Center, where Black Tom and his gal-Friday, Arianna have assembled an interdimensional locator and teleporter atop one of the towers.  Tom claims he can't wait to see his ugly friend again.

Back in the mountains... Sam wakes up, looking pretty good for a dude who just had his guts torn out.  He asks Cable what he's going to do about Feral... but, the main man hasn't a clue.

We wrap up back at the WTC... where, the teleporter starts to glow... and, once we turn the book sideways, we learn that Black Toms "pug ugly friend" is... the Juggernaut!

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