Alpha Flight #101 (1991)

Alpha Flight #101 (October, 1991)
"Death and How to Live it"
Writer - Fabian Nicieza
Pencils - Tom Morgan
Inks - Chris Ivy
Letters - Janice Chiang
Colors - Bob Sharen
Editor - Bobbie Chase
Chief - Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.50

Issue opens with Hercules delivering a wallop of a punch into Sasquatch's mush... which sends him flyin'!  Some of the other Avengers present (She-Hulk, Quasar), question the logic of using such aggression, to which it would seem Herc's just havin' a good time.  Sasquatch does not seem to share that opinion, and so he lunges at the Olympian... until Quasar interjects to separate them so that cooler heads might prevail... and they do!

We shift scenes to Greenwich Village, where Northstar, Northstar's Mullet, Sersi, and Vision are paying a visit to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum in hopes that he might be able to assist in tracking down Jean-Paul's sister, Aurora (plus some other missing Alphans for good measure).  Wong greets them at the door, and allows them entry.

Doctor Strange appears... and, from the looks of it, just had a very unexpected accident in his pants.  I mean, dude looks absolutely freaked out here!  Northstar explains their situation... Aurora and some others vanished during a battle a few issues back, and he'd really like to know where they might've gone.

With a horribly pained look on his face, Stephen Strange contorts his body a bit in order to pontificate and begin his search of the Cosmos.  Before we know it, we're at the Interdimensional Crossroads of Time!  This sort of reminds me of the place the Sovereign Seven used to hang out.

Doc Strange begins floating... and allows the Eye of Agamotto to "pierce the dimensional veil" to locate the missing Baubier.

We shift scene to a cemetery in Ottawa, where Gene and Heather are visiting the comically over-sized grave-marker of James Hudson.  Puck almost looks like he's standing on the edge of a football field in comparison.  They lament the fact that Mac's recent "return" didn't turn out the way they'd hoped.

After Heather shares her feelings... in how this time, her losing Mac feels a lot different than the first time... the pair of Alphans are met by Kerry Patrick and Jeremy Clarke from Department H.  They express their condolences, and assure Heather that the Canadian government has Alpha Flight's back from this point on.

Speaking of Alpha Flight and Department H, we next pop over to Toronto to check in on some of the rest of the crew.  There, Madison Jeffries prepares Diamond Lil for a procedure involving a weird alien laser that might just be able to penetrate her diamond-hard skin in order to see if she has cancer.  Lil's a bit freaked out, but trusts enough in Box that she'll undergo the deal.  Turns out, it works!

We rejoin Sasquatch and the Avengers (also, Windshear and "Her")... where I guess whatever job they had to do is done?  Can't tell much from the art, so we'll just have to take Quasar's word for it.  As the heroes prepare to split, "Her" decides to take a tour of the planet.  Quasar offers her a chaperone any time she needs one.  Whatta dork.

Back at the Crossroads, Strange is... from the looks of it... laboring over a stool.  He reports that despite the Eye's best efforts, he cannot find Jeanne-Marie and the other Alphans.  All he is able to do is open some sort of "doorways"... which he, Northstar and Company can peer through... if they dare!

Vision wonders aloud if, by opening these "doorways", aren't they running the risk of unwanted guests escaping from them?  Well, before he can even finish the thought, that very thing happens!

A battle rages... for about two-pages, ending with Vision trapping the baddies in a bubble while Strange continues his psychic search for the missing Alphans.  Vision suggests Strange take a break... or perhaps even call it a day, but Stephen is steadfast in his resolve.  They've come too far to give up now.  Northstar agrees with Vision... and manages to get Strange to end the search... for now.

Northstar and the Crew are returned to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where plenty of "thanks anyways" are exchanged.  He then heads back to the Great White North for Mac's memorial ceremony.  Heather says a few words... drawing particular attention to the fact that Mac just wasn't all that great a superhero... but, dammit, he was her's... before leaving a single rose on his grave-marker.

We wrap up back at Department H where the results of Diamond Lil's biopsy are in!  She... does not have Cancer.  The team celebrates!


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